Come with us as we return to South America this summer to volunteer at La Casa De Fe, a home for abandoned and special needs children in Shell, Ecuador.

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” ~Mathew 19:14

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tie Dye T-Shirts

By: Sara
Last week a team came to work at the orphanage and one of the girls knew how to tie dye shirts. We decided to do a project with the big girls and they had so much fun.  It was neat to see their personalities and their choices on designs.
Gaby and Maribel were so focused on getting the colors just right
2011-06-19 009
Anna liked the striped shirt idea and started dying right away
2011-06-19 011
Gaby wanted all of her colors to be strong and was meticulous in putting on the dye.
2011-06-19 017
Maria didn’t want to do a traditional design, she really wanted a heart t-shirt
2011-06-19 018
The whole process was a little bit chaotic
2011-06-19 014
But it turned out well. After letting the shirts cure for a couple of days we opened them up…
2011-06-20 003
For Grace and Martin (two of the little ones who had surgery on their hands)
Ana’s Stripes
This is Gaby's
I even got to make one
It was a really fun project to do with the kids. After we got the t-shirts washed and dried the girls wore them for the next few days. They were so proud of their handiwork.


  1. What a fun project! They turned out great :)

  2. This was a flashback to fun times! I love how the shirts came out. Praying for you guys.