Come with us as we return to South America this summer to volunteer at La Casa De Fe, a home for abandoned and special needs children in Shell, Ecuador.

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” ~Mathew 19:14

Monday, June 20, 2011

Planning Our Days

By: Sara

So far in our time at Casa de Fe we have gotten to do a lot of fun activities with the babies and kids.

We have taken the kids swimming in the river

2011-06-20 060

2011-06-20 061

2011-06-20 073

2011-06-12-15 025

Played in the backyard park with the preschoolers

2011-06-12-15 038

2011-06-12 Shell Day 2 012

Played Card Games with the big kids

2011-06-19 006

Played with the bikes

2011-06-20 014

2011-06-12 Shell Day 2 028

2011-06-20 012

And spent one on one time with the babies (which unfortunately we do not have any picture of yet)

We have enjoyed spending time with the kids, however, it has also been a little bit of a free for all, with us never quite sure of what we are doing next, and the kids burning off a lot of energy and enjoying their summer break.

Tomorrow however, we are going to start the summer schedule. It will be nice to have a structure in place to guide us and make sure that we are using our time wisely, allowing us to let the kids have free time and some organized games and activities.

Every morning the schedule will start with a couple hours of reading tutoring for the big kids (the request of their teachers), organized play for the pre-k kids, and well as one-on-one time with the babies. After that we will do some outside play time with the big kids and therapy/play with the special needs kids.

After lunch we are planning a wide range of activities from coloring and reading, to playing outside, and swimming in the river. Afternoons are also going to be our time for doing big activities with all of the older kids. Some of our ideas include going to the local pool, walking to the big park in town (20 minutes each way), and a huge game of capture the flag with team shirts and face paint.

Everyday we will finish up with songs right before dinner. The kids know tons of songs in English and Spanish and they love to sing.

In the next few days we also will be finalizing plans for night activities. We want to to take the kids in 2s and 3s to our house for crafts and baking, and we also want to do movie nights, story nights, and pajama parties with the kids at their house.

We are excited about starting up the schedule tomorrow and being more purposeful in our activities with the kids. Please pray for us that we will have patience and flexibility as we start up tomorrow. Please also pray that the kids will enjoy the activities and not feel like they are back in school.

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  1. I think your schedule has a nice mix of learning and fun. I do better with structure and I think kids do, too! :-) I will be praying that all goes well for you and the kids.

    Linda T. from OC