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"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” ~Mathew 19:14

Monday, September 19, 2011

Kevin and David

by sara

After spending the weekend visiting with my friend and his family in Quito, I headed out Monday morning to meet my boys.

I walked and then took public transport to get to the Compassion office. I actually must have gotten on the wrong bus, because I was supposed to take it all the way to the trolley station which is next door to the Compassion office. But the one I took kicked everyone out at a bus station. After asking lots of questions and catching a new bus I finally made it to the correct stop, and then to the office.

When I walked in I looked around to try and find Omar, the visit specialist and my guide for the day. I was instead greeted by a familiar face.

My David had arrived early!

He ran over and and gave me a huge hug. He was with his mom and a tutor from Compassion project at his church. We spent some time catching up and sharing stories. After a little while we were joined by Omar, who went to try and figure out when my other child, Kevin, would arrive.

After reaching Kevin’s project director on the phone, we agreed to meet him and his family at the big park in the middle of the city.

The park is called La Carolina. It is a beautiful park with grassy fields, basketball courts, soccer fields, and different attractions scattered throughout. It stretches for quite a few city blocks.

2011-08-15 Kevin y David 105

We met Kevin and his family in the park and we all headed out to the area where you could rent paddle boats. David, Kevin and I hopped in with Kevin’s little sister and we started off around the little pond.

2011-08-15 Kevin y David 001

The park had a man-made pond that was a huge figure eight.

2011-08-15 Kevin y David 003

Kevin, Rut, Me, and David.

2011-08-15 Kevin y David 006

David’s legs were a little short to man the pedals, and I kept steering us into the walls (it’s harder than it looks!)

2011-08-15 Kevin y David 018

But we had fun anyway

2011-08-15 Kevin y David 019

Yeah, we had run into the wall again… but a great time for a photo!

2011-08-15 Kevin y David 021

Explaining to David how to steer the boat. We mostly went in circles.

2011-08-15 Kevin y David 023

Kevin telling us about a boat that he had made.

As we paddled around we talked a little bit, but mostly we just enjoyed each other’s company. This was my third year to see my boys, and their second time to meet each other.

After making a few laps in the boat we pulled up to the dock and headed into another part of the park

Not before taking a few more photos….

2011-08-15 David and Kevin

Me with the boys, David and Kevin

2011-08-15 Kevin y David 016

The adults of the group. Kevin’s project director, David’s mother, Kevin’s mother, and David’s tutor.

We headed straight to the playground and had fun running all over the equipment. This was probably my favorite part of the visit. there is something about running and playing that quickly breaks down shyness and lets you get to know a child in a special way.

Once we were thoroughly exhausted we spent a few minutes talking and then headed to the local mall to have dinner in the food court.

2011-08-15 Kevin y David 129

After a long decision Kevin went for the McDonalds burger

2011-08-15 Kevin y David 130

Rut with her “happy box”

2011-08-15 Kevin y David 132

David wanted Pizza

After eating we got to exchange gifts.

2011-08-15 Kevin y David 057

David with his new hat, school supplies, and the binder I made for him to keep his letters from me.

2011-08-15 Kevin y David 058

This is Kevin with his new binder (I had brought books the first year, but they’re full now).

2011-08-15 Kevin y David 064

David looking good in his Olympic sweatshirt.

2011-08-15 Kevin y David 059

Showing Kevin all the science info in the Magic School Bus books I brought for them. He wants to be an Engineer when he graduates.

2011-08-15 Kevin y David 068

David being silly.

After talking and exchanging gifts it was time to get the boys home. We headed to the bus station for our final goodbyes.

2011-08-15 Kevin y David 089

Saying good bye to David.

2011-08-15 Kevin y David 093

Kevin, me, his mom, and his sister Rut. I am holding the jewelry box that Kevin made for me out of a coconut shell.

2011-08-15 Kevin y David 096

One last photo..

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