Come with us as we return to South America this summer to volunteer at La Casa De Fe, a home for abandoned and special needs children in Shell, Ecuador.

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” ~Mathew 19:14

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sunny Days.

by sara

The past few days we have had clear skies and lots of sun. When the clouds are low and full of rain it is easy to forget that Shell is a town in the foothills of the Andes mountains. Both today and yesterday we had beautiful views of the two closest volcanoes.

El Altar (the altar) is spectacular with its jagged spikes. The photo does not do it justice.

When I saw Sangay (San-guy) for the first time, I was so surprised to see a storybook volcanoes covered in snow.

With the weather getting warmer and more predictable (Sunny in the morning and early afternoon, then a short rainstorm to cool everything off) we decided to switch our schedule around. Every morning we will be taking the kids outside to do PE, ride bikes, and swim. Then in the afternoon we are going to do tutoring and classes. Hopefully this will let us and the kids enjoy the beauty of the mountains and sunny days outside.

Here are some photos from the pre-k swim time this morning.

Alejo liked walking with his stick on the rocky creek bed

2011-07-15 Friday 003

Nayelli knew it was deep enough to swim

2011-07-15 Friday 005

Sheyla needed a little help with her swimsuit

2011-07-15 Friday 007

Rosa played like a fish

2011-07-15 Friday 008

With a little help….

2011-07-15 Friday 009

…Nila swung through the water

2011-07-15 Friday 013

Jonathan was probably the least afraid of the water. I took his photo in one of the rare moments when he was not laying in the water.

2011-07-15 Friday 014

Little Angel even got to come out with us

2011-07-15 Friday 015

Junior had the best time just siting in the water

2011-07-15 Friday 016

Whenever Tanner splashed him, Junior would splash really hadr

2011-07-15 Friday 017

David was not sure if he liked the splashing water

2011-07-15 Friday 018

Jhonny had a blast with Tanner

2011-07-15 Friday 019

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  1. Love their precious smiles and to know that you're helping them enjoy God's goodness in the outdoors. Bless you guys!